In Top Form: Designing and Building Accessible Forms

90 minutes

Web forms are everywhere—they are the cornerstone of web applications and a critical component of accessibility for even the simplest of web sites. Join accessibility expert Derek Featherstone in this virtual seminar for practical techniques to make your forms accessible and usable.

Form Accessibility is anything but optional.

We understand. You want to make all of your work accessible. You strive to craft user experiences that engage everyone, including people with disabilities.

But your budget got cut and your timeline changed. That project that needs 6 more weeks of work only gets 10 days. So what does that mean for your forms? You know—the pieces of your web site that kind of make everything happen? Form accessibility is anything but optional.

You need practical advice and techniques that provide real accessibility for your forms right now. Patterns emerge in web design and development and reusing them streamlines your work without compromising quality. This is especially true with web forms, and in this virtual seminar, you'll see those patterns in action.

Don’t keep people from crucial interactions online. Get the strategies you need to build accessible forms from Derek’s seminar.

Luke Wroblewski, author of Web Form Design

You need solutions that work.

In 90 minutes (including a dedicated Question & Answer block), we’ll share with you what we know works based on our accessibility consulting engagements with financial institutions, government departments and retail operations that NEED forms to work and work well, for everyone. These clients can’t compromise on accessibility and we help them ensure that they create accessible forms for all of their transactions.

Derek Featherstone will lead you through common problems in the design and accessibility of complex web forms and how we can solve these issues with solid principles, simple techniques and thorough testing. You’ll learn strategies that help you ensure that you’re hitting the mark when it comes to error messages, corrections, contextual help for form fields, keyboard interaction, and simply dealing with complex form types.

What you’ll learn

  • Predict and avoid accessibility problems long before you’ve started coding.
  • Create reusable accessible patterns for your work with forms.
  • Code and test your work to respect full keyboard interaction.

What you'll get

  • Instruction from one of the world's top experts in accessible design and development.
  • Access to a full archive of the virtual seminar including a copy of the slides, the audio and a transcript. Perfect if you can't attend live, or need to revisit the material for your next project.